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Aximsitesoftwareicon Best Pocket PC Freeware - A Starting Point

Best Pocket PC Freeware
I initially started putting this list together for myself to take advantage of the vast amounts of freewarefor the pocket pc platform. While there are commercial software thatare more refined and can do more than a lot of the freeware out there,there is still plenty of good free software programs for those that donot want to spend more on software or are just not ready to commit tocommercial software. There are some pretty good freeware sites which Ihave listed in MyPDA, including pocketpcfreeware.com and freewareppc.com, I have based this list on ratings provided on the pocketpcfreeware.com website. I've included programsreleased or posted to pocketpcfreeware.com over the past two years andhave been rated 7 or better on a scale of 10. I'm sure that there arefreeware programs out there that were released prior to 2005 that stillwork on the latest OS, but since I have a X51v, I've concentrated onthis time period. However, despite that some of these programs mighthave been developed recently, there is no guarantee that they will workwith WM5.0. It might be a good idea to cross check with the WindowsMobile 5.0 software compatibility thread hereon aximsite.com. In certain select cases, I've included programs thathave a lower than 7 rating or were developed before 2005 because theyare unique in what they do and have received positive comments fromusers. This is not to say these ratings are definitive and are notsubjective, but I have used this as a guide for myself and this list.I'm sure there are plenty of very good/excellent freeware out therethat may not be on this list. The list below is not meant to be anexhaustive freeware list nor the definitive freeware list but more of agood starting point for the significant amount of freeware available.Other threads on aximsite such as Favorite Freebies or The Official Free Games List threads are good reference points as well. Most of the links are directly to the developers'site so that you can always click on the link for the latest version assome of the freeware sites do not always have the latest versions. Ihope some of you find this list helpful as it took a little time to puttogether. I have tried some but not all of the programs listed. I wouldhave posted this earlier but thought it would be good post for my 500thpost.

7 MyPocketCalc v1.3.00 - MyPocketCalcis a free Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) scientific calculator designedfor Pocket PC running Windows Mobile (supports VGA)
7 RPN Calculator v3.01 - A RPN Calculator which was formerly commercialware. Supports WM2003, WM2003SE and WM5

8 SP TimeSync v2.3 - SPTimeSync is a program with multilingual interface which lets yousynchronize your computer's clock with any Internet atomic clock (timeserver) via the NTP protocol (Network Time Protocol)
8 Pocket WakeUp v1.1 - PocketWakeUp is a program that replaces the alarm system, not notifications,on your PPC. The program can handle up to 10 different alarms,nameable, each with different rules.
7 Time Zone v1.2.3 - Thisprogram is for people who need to co-ordinate their time in the currentlocation city and the other – target – city. Being a plug-in toCalendar program, Time Zone changes appointment start time so that incurrent city it corresponds to the time of appointment in its "target"city, which will be selected by user. Updated 9/11/06 to v1.2.3
7 AlarmClock v0.04 - AlarmClockis an improved version of GSAlarmClock created by Mr. Y.Nagamidori. Itfeatures improved features such as allowing you to personalize theapplication by setting parameters (number of repetitions, snooze,screen shutdown,e tc).

Desktop Software
9 ThemeGenCE v1.9 - ThemeGenCE let you personalize appearance of the Today and Start pages on your Pocket PC. Updated 2/14/07 to v1.9
7 CABviaActiveSync - v1.4 - CABviaActiveSyncis a utility which turns any installation of a CAB file much quicker.It appears as a new entry in the context menu of your desktop explorer.When you click this option, CABviaActiveSync executes several tasks: 1)it copies the CAB file to your ActiveSync directory and 2)it begins theinstall launching CEAPPMGR.EXE New-Added 11/19/06
7 Microsoft Standalone Device Emulator v1.0 - TheMicrosoft Device Emulator 1.0 is a standalone version of the same ARMbased Device Emulator that ships as part of Visual Studio 2005. Thestandalone emulator is intended for situations when you want todemonstrate or test your application on a computer that does not haveVisual Studio 2005 installed. Also included is the Windows Mobile 5.0MSFP operating system images that you can use with the Device Emulator. New-Added 10/5/06
7 Photo2PocketPC v2.0.1 - Photo2PocketPC resizes your photos to the display format of your PDA and transfers them to a storage card.
7 PocketDivXEncoder v0.3.60 - PocketDivXEncoderis a Windows desktop program to re-encode video files in the DivXformat in order to optimize them for viewing on the PocketPC. You cancreate .AVI files either from .VOB files directly from DVDs or from.avi files formated for larger displays.
7 Mobile Registry Editor v1.1 - MobileRegistry Editor is an application that runs under Windows XP/2000 thatlets you edit your Pocket PC or Smartphone's Registry via ActiveSync.
7 Sunrise v0.42j - Sunrise converts websites and newsfeeds for offline reading on your handheld
7 MobSync v0.9.4 - MobSync synchronizes any file folder on the desktop with any file folder on the Pocket PC
6 ActiveSync Toggle v1.0.4.0 - ActiveSyncToggle allows you to either load or unload ActiveSync from memorywhilst also removing the registry key that automatically loads it uponstarting Windows. The major change in version is the ability todisable ActiveSync even when a PDA is connected

8 PocketSCUMM v0.9.1 - ScummVMis an emulator program which allows you to run certain classicgraphical point-and-click adventure games from LucasArts from the1990's. Updated 11/14/06 to v0.9.1
8 CastCE v1.2 - CastCE is a fully functional Atari ST emulator for the PocketPC
7 REminiscence (Flashback) v0.1.4-CE-1 - This is a port of the Flashback / REminiscence engine made by Grégory Montoir
7 PocketSNES v1.12.200 - PocketSNES is a Super Nintendo / Super Famicom emulator for the Pocket PC. A WM5 compatible build by n0p can be found here Updated 2/3/07 to include WM5 compatible build of PocketNES
NR Pocket GBA rel. 060723 - A GameBoy Advance (GBA) emulator for your pocket pc. Updated 7/23/06 to v060723
NR FPSEce v0.09.6 beta - FPSEceis a Playstation One emulator for your Pocket PC. The latest betav0.09.6 supports VGA, 2700g and WM5. Read Michu's indepth article here on Aximsite.com. New-Added 2/2/07
6 DOSBox PPC v0.63 - Aport of DOSBox for the Pocket PC. Designed to work on PocketPC runningWindows Mobile 2003, 2003SE with screen resolution at 320x240. Whilethis program only has a '6' rating, I've added it to the list due toits uniqueness in what it does.
NR pDOSBox - v1.1 - pDOSBoxis a PocketPC port of the infamous DOSBox DOS-emulator. Like DOSBox,pDOSBox emulates CPU:286/386 realmode/protected mode, DOS-likedirectory filesystem/XMS/EMS, mouse/joystick and EGA/VGA/VESA graphicssystem. The DOS o/s being emulated is rather rudimentary, but goodenough to launch your favorite DOS applications, and evenbatch-file-driven DOS applications. Unlike DOSBox, sound systememulation (SoundBlaster/Gravis Ultra Sound card) is not available inpDOSBox. This program is not rated, but I added it to the list due toits uniqueness. New-Added 10/18/06

8 MacroMedia Flash Player 7 - Plugin for Pocket Internet Explorer will allow you to see flash animations on your Pocket PC

7 OpenJazz for Pocket PC - v20060514 - OpenJazzis a Sonic-type game. It is a port for Pocket PC of Open Jazz, a "free,open-source version of the classic Jazz Jackrabbit™ game" from AlisterThomson. New-Added 8/9/06
7 Spear of Destiny v1.0 - Spear of Destiny downloads, usable ONLY with full version data files
7 Wolfenstein 3D v1.0 20051209 - Wolfenstein 3D downloads, usable ONLY with full version data files
7 KandG Arcade v1.6 - Competein 26 mini-games while exploring an alien spacecraft to escape theclutches of Krelmac (Needs 150 Clickgamer.com points for free download)
7 Galactic Assault v2.0 - Galactic Assault is an "advanced" version of the classic Space Invaders (Needs 300 Clickgamer.com points for free download)
7 Fogron v1.0 - TheFogron is 3D arcade game, primary aimed to the PocketPC2003, based on atypical lightcycle race game (e.g. The Tron movie 1982)
7 Xonix v1.4 - Xonixis a well-known arcade game in which you have to reduce the spaceavailable for a certain number of balls, without touching the new limitline while it’s being built
7 X-MAS Runner LITE - v1.20 - Alite freeware version of X-Mas Runner Pro. You and the bounty hunterjoin forces to collect all the treasures, candies and gifts whileeluding (or preferably destroying) evil guards who are trained to kill.Not exactly a new game, but I thought I would add it for the holidayseason. New-Added 12/14/06
NR Death Drive v1.0 - Death Drive is a freeware Carmegeddon clone. This game looks great graphically for a freeware and can be downloaded directly here. You can check out Werner "Menneisyys" Ruotsalainen's review to read more about the game. New-Added 11/22/06
8 Nine Hole Golf v1.0 - NineHole Golf, a challenging 3D game, perfect for playing wherever you are.Choose from six animated characters and three luxurious courses, eachwith a distinct climate and landscape. New-Added 2/2/07
8 CEBoard v2.1 - CEBoard is a chess tool for Pocket PC, it is NOT a chess game
8 Freecell v1.1 - FreeCell for Pocket PC is one of the most advanced versions of FreeCell available. Version 1.1 now supports WM5 and VGA. Updated 6/18/06 to v1.1.
8 Pac-Man v1.0 - The ORIGINAL 1980 Namco arcade version; simply redone for the Pocket PC
7 SuperDoku v1.1 - SuperDokuis a complete Sudoku game : it offers a nice interface but can alsogenerate grids with 8 levels from beginner to hardest. You can onlyaccess a new level after you complete the previous one. New-Added 2/3/07
7 Su Doku v5.5 - A sudoku game for the PPC which uses Compact Framework 2.0 New-Added 10/29/06
7 Kevtris v2.0 - Afree Tetris (tm) clone for your Windows Mobile device. Version 2.0 hasnew features such as online high scores and support for square screensand QVGA smartphones. Updated 1/27/07 to v2.0
7 Pocket Griddler v1.7.2 - Pocket Griddler is a brainteaser of Japanese origin, known by the name Nonogram (and sometimes Picture Logic or Paint-By-Number)
7 Action Zero v1.2 - A breakout type of game (Arkanoid)
7 Smartfall v0.97c - Smartris is a Tetris clone
7 PPcReversi v1.3.0.1 - A Reversi (or Othello) game for PPC
7 Freak Othello v1.0 - A Reversi (or Othello) game for PPC
7 Boxman v1.2 - BoxMan is HandySokoban's freeware version
7 Chess - v2.0 - Thisis the only true freeware chess game that I have found. There are 3ways to play this game: against your PocketPc, on the web againstanother computer, or on the web against an online player. There is alsoa version with VGA support on the website.
6 ChineseChess or Xiangqi v1.0 - Thisgame could be better but its the only freeware Chinese Chess game thatI know of. I find that the AI is a bit tough and this program couldbenefit with the addition of different skill levels.
7 Exit Nights - v1.16 - ExitNights is a card game similar to "Magic" in that you have to fightopponents and gather cards in order to assemble your deck and fight theboss at the end. Everything happens in the "Exit" nightclub, a placewhere you had to go in the "Fade" game, one of the best adventure gameon Pocket PC. This game was formerly commercialware and is now freeware. New-Added 8/15/06
7 Leo's flight simulator v1.0 - Free flight simulator for PPC
8 PPcAtaxx v1.0 - Ataxx is a cross between Checkers (the moves) and Reversi (capturing) played on a square, 7x7 board.
7 BSudoku v1.4 - Sudoku for your PPC Updated 1/27/07 to v1.4
6 PDASudoku v3.01 - PDASudoku is a fairly basic version of the famous Japanese brainteaser that provides more than 140 puzzles Updated 9/29/06 to v3.01
7 PocketBalone - v1.0 - A game where the goal is "to push" 6 out of 14 balls of the adversary out of the plate of hexagonal play. New-Added 6/20/06
7 DukWite v2.2 - Dukwite, an acronym of Do U Know Where Is The Exit, is a puzzle game in which you must find the exit of a maze
7 Matière à Réflexion v2.7 - Thisgame is a brainteaser where the goal is to determine the position ofthe mirrors and the absorbing or reflecting elements in a grid
7 Enlight v1.0 - A puzzle game where you must turn off all lights on the gamefield
7 Plumber Pete v1.0 - Plumber Pete is a fun puzzle game, played entirely with the stylus
7 SrabblCE - v1.0.315.1 - SrabblCEis a good version of Scrabble, but not the version you play with yourfamily or friends, but rather Scrabble Duplicate. This is an older gamereleased in December 2004, but due to its uniqueness, I've added it tothis list. Added 8/5/06
7 Sonart v2.3 - Inthe class of games inspired by MasterMind, this is a new program byJean-François Mainguet. You have to find the colours in a grid (up to8x8) with the aid of clues that you are given in the vertical andhorizontal. A green circle or a red cross informs you permanently ofthe state of the column or row in question. New-Added 10/1/06
6 Crosswords (Xwords) v4.1.1 - Crosswords(or xwords, to use its Sourceforge project name) is an open sourceimplementation of the rules of Scrabble™ for handhelds. Although thisonly has a 6/10 rating, the rating was based on a Beta version a coupleof years ago. I've added this program to this list due to itsuniqueness and most of it its free! Updated 11/15/06 to v4.1.1
NR Pocket UFO v1.25 - ThePocket UFO is a remake of the popular game of the last century X-COMEnemy Unknown (UFO Defense) for the Pocket PC devices. The game is aturn-based strategy with the RPG elements. Although this game programis not rated, I've added this program to this list due to the number ofpositive reviews from users at freewareppc New-Added 10/5/06
8 A Viking Saga v1.0 - A strategy game in which you have to take the role of a Viking chief and overthrow the king of your country (Requires Microsoft embedded Visual Basic Runtime to be installed).
8 Warring States 0.91 - A Risk type strategy game set in ancient China (Requires Microsoft embedded Visual Basic Runtime to be installed). I had a lot of graphical glitches when I tried to run this on my X51v

8 Find You/Find Me v1.43 - A GPS based personal tracking solution (Requires Microsoft embedded Visual Basic Runtime to be installed)
7 OS GPS Convertor v2.2 - ThisPocket PC program converts between Ordnance Survey British & Irishgrid references and WGS84 latitude & longitude values for Tom Tom,Destinator and OziExplorer CE Updated 8/14/06 to v2.2
7 CheckPOInt v6.0/CheckPOInt v5.2.1 - Asoftware intended for use in combination with TomTom Navigator to giveyou an audible warning when you approach a point-of-interest or POI.Version 6.0 is intended for TomTom Navigator 6 while v5.2.1 is intendedfor TomTom Navigator 5 (or newer) Updated 10/5/06 to v6.0/v5.2.1
7 GPS2Blue v1.6 - ThisGPS-PDA utility has several features. It transforms your GPS enabledPocket PC into an external bluetooth GPS receiver, allowing you to useit with your laptop PC or any other device which can use a BluetoothGPS. It can also log to a file the data received from the GPS. Anotherfeature is the PDA clock adjustment based on the precise GPS satellitesclock. Finally, for Tomtom 5 users, you can create a new POI fromcoordinates. New-Added 10/1/06
7 NoniGPSPlot - v2.61 - NoniGPSPlotallows you to locate your position in relation to other GPS points andto see the journey you have made. It may be used to find your startingplace in a port after sailing, or the place where you start a walkingor biking excursion, or even your car in a parking. Any place long asyou know its GPS coordinates. The traces and the points save areexportable with the GoogleEarth format. The website is in French, butshould be relatively easy to see where to download the file. Updated 2/11/07 to v2.61
7 GPSAuto - v1.0 - GPSAutois a PocketPC application for monitoring your current speed andalerting when crossing speed limits. You can use GPSAuto in yourautomobile (car) for accurate measuring (based on GPS system) of actualspeed and getting warning when crossing speed limit (speed limits aswell as many other parameters are fully configurable). Unlike it'scompetitors, GPSAuto offers also automated switching of speed limitsbased on your actual speed. New-Added 10/18/06
7 3d tracking - v1.02 - 3dtracking is a revolutionary way to use the Internet to either monitorthe movements of a live vehicle/person or to display a previous routethat's been travelled. The vehicle/person's path is displayed as a lineon either Google Earth or Google Maps with details of the speed at eachpoint along the route. This allows you to follow the progress of a livevehicle, watching the points appear on the map as the vehicle moves.Alternatively you can view the previously recorded path that a vehicleor person moved along. New-Added 11/26/06

8 XnView Pocket v1.35 - XnViewPocket is a feature rich program that allows you to visualize, Organizeand retouch your images and photos as well as has a slide show mode.
7 Mobile Pencil v2.22 - Drawing program which allows you to draw with different pen types or textures and save your work as BMP file.
7 PocketPicture v2.2 - PocketPictureallows you to turn your pocket PC into canvas and easel and be creativeeverywhere. It is useful to draw small icons as well as painting orediting rather big images (scrolling and zooming is supported). New-Added 2/2/07

NR Avantgo v6.2.52 Beta - Not rated, but the latest Beta supports VGA and has made it very useable on my X51V again and thus I recommend it.
8 nPOP v1.0.9 - This software allows you to access e-mail on a POP3 mail server on your Pocket PC or PC Updated 11/28/06 to v1.0.9
7 Yahoo! Go - v20060817a - WithYahoo! Go, your stuff is always with you and easy to use. Contactssaved to your phone are also saved to your Yahoo! Address Book,Pictures you take with your phone are automatically saved to yourYahoo! Photos account, Record voice instant messages, Get notified whennew email arrives. New-Added 10/12/06
7 MobiPocketReader v5.2.539 - Well known for those who come from the Palm world, Mobipocket is of double use for: 1) e-books and 2)free eNews
9 nPOP108UK5 (fka nPOPw v1.0.1.4 Beta 2) / nPOPuk v2.04 - nPOPukis a further developed version of nPOPw, which itself is a moredeveloped version of nPOP with some added functionality likeread/delivery receipts, priorities and access to the Pocket Outlooksystem contacts database. Updated 2/3/07 to v2.04
7 ProximityMail v1.44 - ProximityMail is a communication tool that uses the functionality of Bluetooth
7 vxUtil v1.6.6 - vxUtil(Personal) is a suite of network/internet utilities including DNSlookup, Ping, Trace Route, IP calculator, and much more. Updated 2/20/07 to v1.6.6
7 Opera Mini v3.1.7196 - OperaMini is a free web browser intended for the mobile phone market andrequires a midlet manager installed on your device. Thanks to akheron's post, you can download WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environment 6.1 from IBM, which offers a Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) runtime for the Pocket PC. Check out Menneisyys' reviewof this Java/Midlet environment. The new Version 3 is greatly improvedwith RSS, photo sharing feature, acess to secured sites, etc. For moredetails, have a look at Opera Mini site. Updated 2/23/07 to v3.1.7196
6 Opera 8.5 beta 2 for Windows Mobile, Pocket PC. - An alternative to PIE, this is a browser for the PPC. Note: The current beta 2 expires June 1, 2006. Opera has released version 8.60 for Windows Mobile which costs $24 but you can still try it for 30 days.
6 +StartPage 2 v2.2 - +StartPageturns the launch screen of Pocket Internet Explorer into one of themost useful tools on the Pocket PC. Once you run PIE (or NetFront) willfind a screen where the best Pocket PC enthusiast sites arerepresented. On the top right of the screen will find a quicknavigation bar, from there will be able to quick jump to other screensthat''ll let you check your webmail, navigate to the best Pocket PCsites, browse through eStores, or even quickly search the web ongoogle. Although this program only received a 6 rating frompocketpcfreewares.com, Pocket PC Magazine has listed +StartPage as oneof its Hot Downloads and nominated it for its Best Software awards in2005.
5 Minimo - v0.016 - Minimo is an open source Internet navigator for Windows Mobile, based on the Mozilla code. Updated 6/14/06 to v0.016
5 Webby Mobile v2.6 - WebbyMobile 2.6 is a Internet Explorer Mobile or Pocket Internet Exploreradd-on to allow for tabbed (multi-page) browsing, faster pagerendering, a "Quick Link" builder that helps stylus users quickly enterweb addresses, an RSS feed management/subscription reader, and fullscreen viewing (useful under pre-Windows Mobile 5 operating systems).Besides tabbed browsing Webby automatically provides the ability toscale web pages using internet microbrowsers servers. Webby Mobilerequires Microsoft's .NET Compact Framework 2.0 which is available freehere.While Webby Mobile 2.6 only has a 5 rating from pocketpcfreeware.com,it has improved over prior versions and users have had mostly positiveexperience with it. Also, its one of the few freeware alternatives tothe built in Internet Explorer Mobile or Pocket Explorer for pocketpcs. Check out Menneisyys' review of Webby Mobile 2.5 on aximsite.com Updated 10/15/06 to v2.6

Misc. Tools
8 HandyShopper v3.0 - HandyShopper is a tool for managing your shopping lists.
7 Word Completion Dictionary Editor - v1.3.2342.39581 - A tool to edit PocketPC Word Completion feature dictionary. New-Added 6/17/06
7 Mobile Football - 2005/2006 v1.0.2132.32103 - MobileFootball is an application for football (soccer for us Americans) fanswho want to keep up to date with the various European championships
NR Mobile Football - Worldcup Standard Edition v1.0.x - Similarto Mobile Football listed above, Mobile Football Worldcup lets you keepup to date with the results of the 2006 Worldcup.
7 HandWallet Basic v4.11 - HandWalletis a personal financial management program. The basic freeware versionlets you track up to 3 Bank accounts, Credit Cards or Cash. You canalso Track income, expenses, loans and savings. Updated 2/14/07 to v4.11
7 Booklib v1.28 - Booklibis a program which you can use to track and organize all your books onthe Pocket PC. Classification and searching can be done by title,author, series or location
7 eReader (ex-Palm Reader) v2.6.3 - e-book reader for the Pocket PC (formerly known as Palm Reader or Peanut Press Reader).
7 SecureWord.Mobile v1.5 - SecureWord.Mobileis a password manager (password keeper) program for Pocket PC that usesAdvanced Encryption Standard adopted by the US Government in 2002
7 Weather Watcher Mobile - v1.04 - Weather Watcher Mobile is a utility which consults weather.com serversand can give you : 1)Forecasts for 77,000+ cities world-wide, 2)Currentweather conditions, 3)46-hour forecast, 4)10-day day/night forecast,5)Severe weather alerts from National Weather Service (US only). Thisis a stand-alone app which requires .Net Compact Framework and isnot aTodayScreen plug-in. Updated 1/18/07 to v1.04

8 TCPMP v0.72RC1 - Oneof the best, IMHO, and most popular multimedia players for your pocketpc and allows you to listen to audio and view video files. In case thecorecodec site is down, you can find the files at Picard's backup site
8 PocketTV Classic v1.2.14 - PocketTV will allow you to play full screen videos on your PPC Updated 7/17/06 to v1.2.14
8 GS Player v2.25 - Asimple by efficient media player that supports playback of MP3 usingthe MAD 0.15.0b, Ogg Vorbis, Wave format, HTTP streaming playback (MP3/ Ogg Vorbis) and SHOUTcast streaming playback (MP3 / Ogg Vorbis). Alsohas a 10-band equalizer for MP3 playback. Version 2.25 supports skinswhich you can create on your own with Skin-Studio Updated 8/5/06 to v2.25
7 WinVibe v4.95 VGA / WinVibe v4.95 QVGA - WinVibeis a Korean developed audio player. It supports MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WMA,WAV formats. Features also include: streaming, equalizer, effects(bassboost, echo, reverb, etc.), playlists, timer, play speed change,lyrics, etc. WinVibe is also skinnable and you can find skins here.The program reportedly uses significant power resources from the pocketpc so you may experience faster battery drain than other morestreamlined audio players. New-Added 2/6/07
7 PocketSkype v2.1.0.66 - ProvidesVoIP service to other Skype members. Also features a skypeout featurewhich allows you to buy credits to call non-Skype members. Skype isoffering free calling within the U.S. and Canada for the rest of 2006.The new v2.1 fixes a few bugs in v2.0 and adds a number of new featuresincluding One click Skype access, Enhanced contact list, Group chat andProfile personalisation. Version 2.2 beta is available here. Updated 2/5/07 to v2.1.0.66 and added link to beta
7 PocketAMP (ex-PocketMIDI) v2.0 - PocketAMP, based on the popular, open-sourced MIDI synthesis programTimidity, is a simple program that lets you have MIDI playback on anyPocketPC device.
7 PocketMusic v4.03 - Afree MP3 player for the pocket pc. However if you want support for OGGor WMA files then you have to buy the full version of the software. Updated 7/9/06 to v4.03
8 MortPlayer BETA v3.31RC7 (b57) - Afully skinnable media player that plays a variety of file formatsincluding MP2, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and WAV files. It also supportsPodCasts and online playlists as well as has an equalizer function andbig buttons. The latest version also includes AVRCP support for BTstereo headsets. Updated 1/31/07 to v3.31RC7 (b57)
8 PlaylistEditor v1.7 - Playlist Editor was designed to import your files into a playlist format that WMP10 can play. Updated 8/9/06 to v1.7
8 NoteM - v1.21 - NoteMis an alternative to the built-in Note's voice recorder which lets yourecord voice notes as MP3 instead of the built-in WAV format saving youlots of memory space.
7 MID-Play v1.0.7 - MID-Play is another MIDI file player for the pocket pc.
NR x50 mix v0.10 - A utility that allows you to alter the settings for the Dell Axim x50 series' hardware equalizer. New-Added 7/27/06

Network Utilities
7 QMAIL v2.9.30 - QMAIL is a communications program which supports POP3, IMAP4, NNTP & RSS protocols. Check out this useful QMAIL tutorial. Updated 2/6/07 to v2.9.30
7 Hitchhiker v0.4 Beta1 - Hitchhiker is a tool to help to connect to WiFi networks and supports WEP and WPA-PSK keys.
7 Wifi Graph v0.3 RC3 - WifiGraph is a network utility that lets you display the properties ofwireless access points available in the Pocket PC's coverage zone andwill show the quality of the signal in real time (every two seconds)
NR Windows Mobile Network Analyzer PowerToy v1.0 - NetworkAnalyzer for Windows Mobile runs network utilities, for example pingand ipconfig, on a Windows Mobile 5.0 powered device. Network Analyzerfor Windows Mobile facilitates the troubleshooting of networkconnectivity issues. New-Added 10/16/06

9 NullKeyboard v2.0 - Thisis a program for those using external keyboards and/or those who do notwant a keyboard popping up while using their Pocket PC.
9 ADB Idea Library - v2.02 - Thisprogram allows for a quick and easy method of organizing yourideas/thoughts in an easy to use interface. Ideas can be recorded viaText, Voice, Sketch, or File Attachment methods. A public beta of Idea Library 3.0.0 is available. Updated 1/31/07 to include a link to the public beta of v3.0.0
8 MDict v2.3 - MDictis a multi-language dictionary utility under WinCE for PDAs, it dosen'tprovide dictionary data itself, but use libraries built by user. Itsupports MDX format, and you can find many dictionaries and databasesin this format on the internet (for example : WordNet, OPTEC, MobyThesaurus, Webster). New-Added 2/6/07
8 UKNote v0.0.0.7 - UKNote is the pocket pc equivalent of Notepad on your desktop PC
7 Haali Reader - v2.0b257 - An e-book reader for Windows CE
7 BDicty v5.5 - BDicty Dictionary for Pocket PC is a specialized reader application forreference content. BDicty is only a dictionary program, not an actualreference dictionary. It does not come with any particular data files(lexicons), but there is a wide selection of such lexicons - both freeand commercial - at the author's website http://www.beiks.com.
7 Tombo v2.0beta4 - Tombo is a hierarchical note management program. Updated 9/26/06 to v2.0beta4
7 PocketNotePad v4.0 - The concept of PocketNotepad is "To provide the same feature as Desktop Notepad does"
7 Microsoft Reader v2.4.1 - e-Book reader for your Pocket PC
7 Pocket INSIGHT v3.21 - PocketInsight is an "outliner" that lets you take notes, and then define andclassify keywords in those notes, for your research.
7 WordNetCE v2.7 - WordNetCE is dictionary/thesaurus for the Pocket PC version based on Princeton's WordNet.
7 Vade Mecum v0.6.3 - Vade Mecum is a feature-packed Pocket PC-based viewer for Plucker (http://www.plkr.org) documents, supporting text selection, highlighting, annotations, and more.
7 JWPce v1.50 - JWPceis a basic freeware Japanese word processor that is designed primarilyfor the English speaker who is reading and/or writing in Japanese. Itincludes a Japanese-English dictionary, including Kanji and Kana.
7 PocketHTML.Net v1.2 - PocketHTML.NETis an excellent HTML editor that lets you rapidly enter all the mostcommon tags using pop-up menus accessible by Tap & Hold.
7 µBook v0.8o - A small program for reading e-books in HTML, RTF and TXT format, and also unprotected e-books in PDB and PRC format.
7 Adobe Acrobat Reader for Pocket PC v2.0 - Allows you to read Adobe .pdf files on your pocket pc
5 PocketXPdf v0.5.0 - PocketXpdf is a no-frills viewer for native PDF files for the Pocket PC platform Updated 12/19/06 to v0.5.0
NR Touch Notes Base - Touch Notesis a unique and handy organizer tool that makes creating and managingnotes on your handheld fast and easy. A Smartphone & Pocket PC 2006Best Software Awards nominee. New-Added 2/2/07

Podcast / RSS Aggregators
7 RSS Sync v1.0 - RSS Sync is an RSS aggregator for Pocket PC. Reads all known versions of RSS/RDF/Atom.
6 pRSSreader v1.3.2 - Oneof the few freeware RSS aggregators for the PPC. pRSSreader can handlemany versions of feeds: RSS 0.90, 0.91, 0.92 and 2.0, RDF 1.0 and Atom0.3. Nominated for Pocket PC Magazine's 2006 Best Software awards. Updated 8/7/06 to v1.3.2
NR FeederReader v1.01 - FeederReaderis a full-featured RSS Aggregator with podcast listening and watching("podcasting" or "podcatching") and enclosure support, running onWindows Mobile. No rating, but this program was a Pocket PC Magazine2005 & 2006 Best Software awards nominee Updated 11/12/06 to v1.01
NR Newscopier v1.0 - NewsCopier™is a free RSS newsreader puts the latest headlines, weather, sports,business, and entertainment news right in your hands. The program workswith variety of different feeds formats: RSS 1.0 (including RSS 0.9,0.91, 0.92), RSS 2.0 and Atom. New-Added 1/29/07
NR Hubdog 2.0 - Hubdogallows you to download news, radio, music and video podcasts, blogs andany RSS feed onto your pocket pc so you can read, listen or watch it atthe time and place that best suits you. Hubdog combines a streamlinedRSS reader, a podcast player, a unique media search engine, andchannels that can be shared among community members. The currentversion of Windows Mobile Media Player for Pocket PC or Smartphonedoesn’t support all video formats aggregated by Hubdog and itssuggested that you install Core Player for optimal media playbackperformance. New-Added 11/25/06

7 Pocket e-Sword v3.0.0 - Pocket e-Sword is a Christian Bible reader. Version 3.0.0 has a scripture memory tool. Updated 11/15/06 to v3.0.0
6 BibleReader v3.67 - A Bible reader for your pocket pc Updated 1/27/07 to v3.67
NR Pocket Islam v6.6.1 - ArabicHoly Quran with tashkil, translation and recitation. No rating frompocketpcfreeware.com, but had numerous (99+) 5 star reviews fromcustomers on freewareppc.com Updated 11/12/06 to v6.6.1

7 Taiyoukei 1.04 Build v06.09.22 - Taiyoukei(Japanese for Solar System) is software written in embedded VisualBasic 3.0 which provides abundant data about the Solar System, such asephemerides, simulations and photo galleries in the form of add-ons Updated 9/26/06 to v1.04 Build 6.09.22
7 Archimedes v7.0.50 - Archimedesis a free medical calculator which provides you with 70 preprogrammedformulas that include specialties such as Cardiology, Pharmacology,Hematology, FEN, Pediatrics, Pulmonary and Renal
7 qdCAS v1.1.1841.24406 - qdCAS is a very powerful scientific calculator. It is a Pocket PC portof GIAC/XCAS computer algebra system developed by Bernard Parisse, whohas also authored systems for the HP48 & 49.
7 TascalGauge v0.80 - TascalGauge is a conversion tool for your pocket pc for scales and measures and weights, etc.
7 MD on Tap v2.1 (fka PubMed on Tap) - MEDLINEDatabase on Tap (formerly PubMed on Tap) is a program for performingsearches in documents in the MEDLINE® database directly from the PocketPC when it's connected to the Internet. (MEDLINE® is one of theprincipal suppliers of American healthcare materials.) Updated 1/13/07 to v2.1

System Tools
NR Tweaks2K2.Net Lite v3.3 - Afreeware "lite" version of the popular Tweaks2k2.Net for PPC whichoffers around 40 of the over 120 hacks provided in the full version ofthe software
NR RegistryTweak v2.1.1.0 - Afreeware system utility by our own aximsite.com member, dogfood, whichfeatures a system status monitoring and registry tweak tool. Due tonumerous positive comments on this utility by aximsite members, I'veadded this utility to the list. Added 7/27/06
9 PHM Registry Editor v0.70 - PHMRegistry Editor allows you to edit your Pocket PC registry where allits configuration and tweaks are stored. This is an oldie but goodieand despite it being released in 2002 was still a Finalist inSmartphone & PocketPC 2006 Best Software Awards. Added 2/2/07
8 ClearTemp v0.9.2.3 - ClearTempis an application for you to clear temporary/unused files and unusedregistry keys/values on your system easily. It also allows you to clearyour Recent Program List, Internet Address History and boot count. Youcan even change the location of the temporary folders (Cache, History& Cookies) or e-mail attachment folder to the Storage Card. Updated 2/6/07 to v0.9.2.3
8 MortScript v3.1 - MortScript(fka MortRunner) is an interpreter for scripts on your PocketPCs. It'sfocus is to launch and remote control other programs, but it alsooffers e.g. file operations, downloads, and several system functions.
8 CabInstl v1.04 - Thisprogram is an installer for CAB files and allows to install PPCprograms into the specified folder instead of that by default createdby the standard installer.
8 WIMR? (Where Is My RAM ?) - v1.2 - A handy program that displays a list of the folders with the amount of memory they use (in RAM, ROM or both)
7 UPX4PPC - v0.4 - UPX4PPC is an application for you to compress & optimize EXE/DLL files Updated 10/16/06 to v0.4
7 Mobile TaskManager (ITaskMgr) - v1.4.5 - A freeware taskmanager for WM5 devices. Updated 9/29/06 to v1.4.5
7 File Dialog Changer v1.66 - Thisis a small program (about a 5kb EXE, a 6kb DLL library) which replacesthe "Save As..." dialog box in applications and provides a morecomplete interface with more ergonomic navigation. Note: the author'shomepage is in Japanese, search for the text "FileDialogChanger" amongthe kanjis and other kanas, when you find a clickable link to a .ZIPfile Updated 1/13/07 to v1.66
7 MortSaver v2.0 - Atool that keeps your device or screen (depending on settings) poweredoff. After power on, a countdown to the switch off time and someinformations (battery meter, clock, ...) are shown.
7 psShutXP v0.29 - psShutXP is a full featured program that manages shut downs and soft resets.
7 Batti v2.1 - Batti is a small application which takes up very little memory and shows you remaining power of your battery Updated 9/3/06 to v2.1
7 MortButtons v2.31 - MortButtonsis a menu tool which enables you to create up to 5 menus (and anynumber of submenus), which - if assigned to an application button - canbe used with just one button. MortButtons also includes a menucontaining all currently running applications, which enables somethingsimilar to Alt-Tab in Windows.
7 WR-Tools ResInfo v1.53 - Res-Info is a Pocket PC resource viewer that works from version 2.0 of Microsoft mobile OS (PalmSize) onwards Updated 2/20/07 to v1.53
7 Powerstatus v1.1 - Powerstatusis a small program only 2 pixels in height designed to permanentlysupply two important pieces of information: the state of the batteryand available memory (RAM).
7 DeltaLock v0.05 - DeltaLockwill lock the screen and buttons on your Pocket PC, which lets you putit in your pocket without fear that it will accidentally turn itself on.
You have to press two buttons simulataneously in order to turn themachine back on. Probably not necessarily with the X51v since it has alock button already.

7 SideX 2003 v2.51 - SideX2003 is a utility that in effect, gathers numerous functions and caneasily replace all the Today screen plug-ins by placing them all on asort of bar that can be hidden, to be called up whenever necessary.
7 TascalRegEdit v0.90 - A freeware registry editor for your pocket pc for advanced users.
7 SpaceFinderPlus v3.1 - Atool to manage the memory on your PDA by allowing you to find the mostmemory hungry files, and where your free space has gone. It works withthe main memory as well as with storage cards.
7 Notification Clear Fix v1.2 - Thisapplication fixes a bug in WM2003 devices regarding Notification eventsand will install in your device's startup folder, and will be executedafter every soft-reset of your device.
7 OzVGA - v0.53 - OzVGAis a freeware Advanced VGA mode switcher for PocketPC (WM2003SE). Justlike SE_VGA, it lets you go from standard VGA mode to Full VGA (orHiDPI), and back again. Doing this requires a soft-reset. Thedifference with this program and SE_VGA lies is that OzVGA will modifyRegistry keys for you. In particular, the font size.
6 .NET Compact Framework 2.0 SP1 - TheMicrosoft® .NET Compact Framework 2.0 Redistributable contains thecommon language runtime and class libraries built for the .NET CompactFramework. In addition to supporting version 2.0, it also supportsapplications developed for version 1.0 and service pack releases beforeversion 2.0. Thanks to Werner "Menneisyys" Ruotsalainen's relocation tutorial, you can easily move this to a storage card and save up to 5.4MB of internal memory space. Updated 6/29/06 to .NET CF 2.0 SP1
6 Force High Resolution v1.65 - Manyapplications display poorly on Pocket PC VGA as they don't support VGAmode, but use "double pixelisation". There's a work-around for thisproblem without having to go to "Full VGA" (as SE_VGA and OzVGA do).But this requires adding a little file next to each specific executable.
ForceHiRes has the same effect, without having to add the famous filetime and again (10k each time), all done from a System Control Panel(with a simple .cpl file placed in \Windows). You only need to add tothe list the executable that you want to force to hi-res mode: simple,quick & effective. Note: if you don't use File Dialog Changer, youwill need to download the gsGetFile.dll from the author's website andcopy it to the \Windows directory on your PocketPC. Versions 1.60 &higher are for WM5.0 devices while others should use version 1.51
Updated 1/13/07 to v1.65
6 SE_VGA - v1.01 -SE_VGAis designed for Pocket PC VGA owners, running on Windows Mobile 2003SE. It lets you switch from standard VGA mode to Real VGA mode (orHiDPI to use the Microsoft name), and vice versa. The change requires asoft-reset.
6 WiFiFoFum 2.1.1 - Moreof a System/Network tool, WiFiFoFum is a wireless networkscanner/sniffer (WiFi a, b, g) showing numerous items of informationsuch as network type (AP or ad hoc), whether a WEP coding solution ispresent, WiFi channel used for broadcasting, SSID if broadcast, MACaddress of the emitting hardware, discovery begin and end times, signalstrength, etc. A forum for this program can be found here.

Task Manager
8 vBar 2.2 - Afreeware task manager program which lets you switch between programs aswell provides you with the ability to actually close programs insteadof just minimizing them.
8 GSPocketMagic++ v1.32.19 - Another free task manager for your pocket pc from the developers of GSPlayer. Updated 9/16/06 to 1.32.19
7 Magic Button v2.0 - A popular task manager for your pocket pc which takes up very little screen real estate.

Today Plugins
9 BatMemTime v4.1 - AToday Plugin to monitor Battery, Memory and Up-Time. WM5.0 should useversion 4.1 for WM5.0 while WM2003 and WM2003SE should use v4.1 forWM2003. PPC2002 or PPC2000 users should stick with the older version3.37
8 TodayAgenda v0.9.22 - TodayAgendadisplays appointments and tasks on your today screen up to 30 days inadvance. It replaces the default Outlook plugin with a lot of morefeatures. No longer in beta. Updated 12/19/06 to v0.9.22
8 TaskPlus v2.05 - TaskPlus is a plug-in for the Today screen displaying tasks from the Outlook Pocket PC database.
8 Calendar+ v2.5.2 - Calendar+is a replacement for the standard calendar plugin and will displaymultiple days worth of appointments. Pocket PC 2002 users should stickwith v2.0.5 as newer versions are not compatible. Updated 10/5/06 to v2.5.2.61002
7 Launcher - v1.40 - Launcher is a Today screen add-on for PocketPC's. It adds an icon bar, much like Windows's Quick Launch bar. New-Added 11/28/06
7 BatteryStatus - v0.04.200 RC2 - BatteryStatusis a freeware today-plugin which shows the remaining load of the mainbattery for XDA Neo (HTC Prophet - Windows Mobile 5). It is alsoreported to work with MDA Vario (HTC Wizard). I'm not sure if theisworks with the Axim, but since the X51 series is designed by HTC, itmay. Updated 1/13/07 to v0.04.200 RC2
7 LVMTime - v0.1.9 - LVMTimeis a Today plug-in which shows date and time (with seconds and in oneline), and may show clock and date on the taskbar in the Today screenand any program. New-Added 10/16/06
7 DevState v1.5 - DevStateis a small footpring all-in-one utility for your Today screen. Itdisplays on your Today screen system information (free RAM, remainingspace on the Storage card, status of the battery) and shortcuts. Italso includes a launcher and a task manager. New-Added 9/29/06
7 Birthdays v1.2.10 - Birthdays is a plugin for today screen which reminds you birthdays of persons in your contact list.
7 Phone Profiles v1.2.1.329 - Application to set your phone settings in a easy and yet fast way.
7 AM TaskPlus v1.3.4 - AMTasksPlus is a Today Screen plug-in that replaces the simplified tasksplug-in provided by the PocketPC manufacturer. Version 1.3.4 nowsupports PI2007. Updated 10/13/06 to v1.3.4
7 Powercheck v3.7 - A Today screen plug-in that places various functions such as battery level, RAM usuage, storage card, etc. on one line. Updated 10/21/06 to v3.7
7 TodayWarrior v0.60 - Asmall Today screen page plug-in which shows system information(battery, memory, brightness, etc) on one line while the second lineshows wi-fi status. Updated 10/15/06 to v0.60
7 Anny v0.3a - Annyis a birthday management program for your Contacts. It appears in twoforms: a Today plug-in where you can set the number of weeks to lookahead (once the first birthday is displayed, you get a count of theremainder) and a seperate application that permits management bycategory and displays the age. The program can import birthdates fromContact if you have filled out the field.
7 D25Today v1.7 - D25Todayis a small FREE owner-information plug-in application on the Todayscreen for Windows Mobile 2002/2003/2003SE which can let you display aslideshow of upto 3 owner photos or logos.
7 TodayPlus v0.11.0 - Stillin the Beta phase, this super Today screen plug-in can display yourowner info and your picture, the current weather conditions andmulti-city forecast (cities in France and elsewhere), news from varioussites, the time in different cities, your calendar (appointments,tasks, etc...), the battery level, the memory level, and even alauncher.
5 Weather To Go v4.1 - AToday Screen plug-in that lets you display weather for up to 3 cities.This only received a 5 rating from pocketpcfreewares.com but this wasfor an older version (2.1). This program was a Pocket PC Magazine'sBest Software Awards nominee for 2005. Updated 11/15/06 to v4.1

8 Metro v5.4.8 - Handyapplication which helps you find your way in the public transportsystems (subway, bus, trams, ...) in more than 300 cities around theworld Updated 1/31/07 to v5.4.8
7 Virtual Earth Mobile v1.69 - VirtualEarth Mobile (VEM) is an application for Pocket PC 2003, Smartphone2003, and Windows Mobile 5.0 devices that displays maps and satellitephotography, and locates businesses by name or category within ageographical area. The data is downloaded from the MSN Virtual Earthservers that power http://virtualearth.msn.com.Unlike many other mapping programs, the map data is not preloaded ontothe device; it is downloaded on demand so an internet connection isrequired. Updated 1/4/07 to v1.69

Utilities-File Tools
9 Total Commander v2.0 - A free file manager which lets you copy & move files, zip and unzip files, etc. A link to Total Commander v2.5 public beta 2 is provided Updated 2/3/07 to include link to Total Commander v2.5 public beta 2
9 GS+ Finder v1.04 Asoftware is based on the GSFinder file explorer program created by Mr.Y.Nagamidori, the developer of GSPlayer, with additional features.
8 Pocket RAR 3.60 - Pocket RAR is a version of WinRAR archiver/compression tool for PocketPC. Pocket RAR is able to compress, decompress and delete files in RARand ZIP archives. RAR files can usually compress content 8 to 30percent better than ZIP files. Updated 8/22/06 to v3.60
8 CryptoCard v2.4.0.0 -CryptoCardis a password program for managing confidential information and is afreeware alternative to commercial software such as eWallet, FlexWalletand CodeWallet.
7 PPCFinder - v1.0 - PPCFinderis a utility which uses .NET Compact Framework and provides a veryuseful functionality : a file finder and a memory cleaner. New-Added 11/15/06
7 PaolaZip - v1.0 - PaolaZipis a compression and encryption software for handheld computers withWindows™ Mobile Edition 2002 - 2003. This software is for themanagement of files compacted with formats ZIP (WinZip), GZip, TAR,BZip2. Free for personal use. New - Added 6/20/06
7 HideIt! v1.23c - A file encryption program for the PPC
Palm IIIxe ==> Handspring Visor Platinum ==> Dell Axim x51v


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